Introducing the latest news at h2b Hipotecas.

We have lots of news for you.

At h2b Hipotecas we have been obtaining the best mortgages and the best financing for all our clients for many years. We have been working so much, but so much, that we have seen that our website had lagged a little behind in its functionalities and that it did not correspond to the values and principles on which we base ourselves and that we want to transmit in our day to day.

Therefore, we got down to work and after several months of work and many cups of coffee we can say that… drum roll …. We already have a new website and a new image! 

With this new design, we hope that browsing our website will be as easy as getting a top mortgage with us and that the vast majority of doubts you may have about why you should contact h2b to manage your mortgage will be clear and resolved. In addition, we have created a super cool mortgage simulator that will help you understand how much you would pay for your mortgage and also our  «Round mortgage guide» in which you will find answers to some of the existential questions that probably arise when you start the mortgage process.

As you will see, we place great emphasis on what seems to us to be our greatest added value, which is none other than the human factor and direct, carefree, transparent and sincere treatment. We live in a time when everything tends to be managed by impersonal machines and algorithms, and although we obviously rely on technology to improve our processes, h2b mortgages is not an automatic comparator, neither an AI nor an algorithm or a robot. We are a team of professionals whose goal is to achieve the best mortgage conditions for our clients and help them throughout the process. A human team that understands the importance of the vital moment that is and will be acquiring a home and for now there is still no machine that can do it better than our colleagues 🙂

And although it is true that we could be making everything up and say that we are very good at what we do and really are not, luckily our clients can write their opinions on Google about our service once they get their mortgage. And, honestly, we cannot be more grateful and proud of what they tell us.

In short: from now on, you will be able to find much more content about the world of mortgages and everything that surrounds it here, in the h2b magazine . We are waiting for you and do not forget to follow us on instagram and facebook and contact us if you need a round mortgage .

Our amazing team.